Sky's The Limit

Tryna live life the best way I know how. A young man from East Oakland tryna get it so my son can reap the benefits.

Anonymous asked: Why you never show your face? I'm just curious.

Because majority of the shit i post is illegal and im on papers so why would i post my face? might as well walk into the police station with 5 pounds of weed and a sawed off and ask them to arrest me.

Anonymous asked: I like your site. But you have to be smarter and not show your debit card number in a photo dude. The photos may come back to haunt you later, you know? Cops are smart on the internets nowadays. Keep on doing your thing but just dont be an America's Dumbest Criminal.

I been doin this for years.. the last way ima be brought down is by a debit card thats in a photo. the debit card cant be traced back to me. hell the bitch that went to the atm and got the dough out and got her face on the atm camera cant even be traced back to me.. the damn car i drove to take her to the atm cant even be traced back to me. i move smooth out here. and at the end of the day money talks .. people love being paid off to turn they necks the other way and pretend they aint seen shit or dont know shit for the right price…especially cops.

east oakland classic

east oakland classic

countin all this cash my niggas alll in here.. u aint gotta ask we been ballin all year

countin all this cash my niggas alll in here.. u aint gotta ask we been ballin all year

Anonymous asked: Like it say on sweetasaleemoan's tumblr . You let ppl in ,, , ,they destroy you. STOOPID MUTHAFUCCA

how u try & preach some gangsta shit yesterday…then today u redirecting me to some broads girly ass tumblr for quotes??? you so confused with life

Anonymous asked: stupid muthafucca

u the hardest nigga out here anonymous 

Anonymous asked: Out a thousend ppl on here at least HALF wanna see you gone or licked cuhz either 1.) they cant do like you do 2.) they the actualLawssss on here lookin at your dumbass & all they need is whatyou puttin up 3.)they live near you been suspected you a be a lickAnd now all they needed to know you showin it 4.) they think you livin wrong or whatever 5.) stfu Im talkin nigga 6.) stfu , nigga . 7.) IF U POST THIS ONE TOO YOU REAALY A STUPID MUTHAFUCCA, STUPIDAZZ NIGGA GET THIS SHIT OFF HERE & JUC LIVE

U watchin 2 many gangsta movies.. why are U paranoid for ME?? Is my government name on here.. Is my face on here? Trust me.. OPD dont wanna lose another civil suit against me.. I been doin this all my life youngin i sleep good at night but thank u for bein obsessed wit another niggas well bein…u lil fag

and these niggas kno im in the alphabetz im not out here hidin… if a nigga wanna try n pull my card he more than welcome to come try it.. u clearly dont understand how these streets work

Anonymous asked: ey tho wakey it on up n git all that ishh off here though. like ninety percetnt it a have a efffed up one way or nother now on you dont eenexist how bout dat, so u can stay up n at it. n follow that thru realLifeways as well, out the wayand outerryone sight aiite DntPostThisNeither

wtf are u even tryna say??